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Emo- A group of teenagers who feel like loners, outkasts and rejects. People automatically pressume emo kids cut and are depressed living in a world of self pity. It is UNTRUE! Many emos are critisized by the way they dress or look even by the music they listen to. So what if a girl wants to have black hair covering some of her forehead or black skinny jeans. People should be allowed to listen to what they want dress how they want without being judged. If anyone else tells you otherwise spit in their fucking face and tell them to piss off! Emos can usually be depressed or not. Emos that self harm, its not for the attention. Its for way deeper reasons than that ie family life.
Think before you say. Words become actions.

Play with a toy, play with a knife. Play with an emo and we will play with your life and fuck it up so badly, you may become an emo too!
by xXEmo_PrincessXx March 25, 2007

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