Emi is the one person I can whine like a baby too and she won't get annoyed with me...at least...she won't tell me. I owe her so much because she has done wayy too much for me. I love her and I would sooo go gay for her. hehe. Shes amazing!
A Woman Who Is To Hott For You And Way Out Of Your League But She Goes Out With You Just To Get Some Dick Because She Will Fuck Anything

Emi~*: LOL!

That is soooo not true :)
by JulianaWaters November 05, 2008
Top Definition
A strong, beautiful woman, with great priorities.
Basically a dream girlfriend, and is a beast at softball.
Dude, look at that girl playing 3rd base, she's totally an Emi.
by St.M_21 October 10, 2010
1. A record company that has signed many brilliant bands such as Sgt.Peppers, the Sex Pistols and the Beatles. Unfortunately they dropped the Sex Pistols because they were too 'dangerous'. Pfft.

2. A song by the Sex Pistols (who they happened to drop).
There's an ulimited supply,
And there is no reason why,
I tell you it was all a frame,
They only did it cos the fame !
Who ?

by Jimmy Kickarse July 12, 2006
Emi is a fantastic girlfriend/wife. She is outgoing,funny, and athletic. She is a flexible person. She is short and smiles a lot.
OMG she is an Emi
by Isabelle White October 16, 2013
A different spelling of the name Emmy or Emmi or Emmie or Emy. Often short for a girl named Emily. The name Emi in Japanese translates to beauty. A girl named Emi is often outgoing, short, and kind. General characteristics also include engaging in laughter, dry humor, and enjoying long walks.
That girl is short, but seriously funny, she must be named Emi!
by mirroronthewall December 30, 2009
She is very very very very cool
You are very cool Emi
by --- December 19, 2004
A nickname for the prettiest girl iv ever met named Emma. She has had the biggest crush on a guy name mike since the day I met her. She is a little crazy and sometimes insane but she knows how to make you laugh. She has g8 taste in clothes and has the prettiest blonde hair iv ever see. If you ever meet an emma like the one I know you have to be friends with her cuz she will make ur life very interesting and fun!
Dude1: have you seen Emi today?
Dude2: YES, she looks amazing and she said the funniest joke EVER!!!!!!
by Emi's BFF May 20, 2013
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