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a zone is an ounce
four zones
by --- February 06, 2000
something simple, yet beautiful if your with the right person
by --- October 07, 2003
I agree with this comment

originated in indiefucks

by --- February 15, 2005
One of the funniest Internet cartoons ever, but for some reason is very hard to find.
Who live in a bong in a dormitory? Spongebong Hemppants!
by --- March 06, 2005
An extremely stereotyped town in Southern Fairfield County, Connecticut. Because the property values are high, and there are some areas with mostly large houses, people from Greenwich are tagged as stuck up and ignorant. Although less goes on there than in alot of major cities, that doesn't mean there are no nice people. Look past your preconcieved notions when you are there.
Man1: Look! Their liscence plate says "Honda of Greenwich" they must be rich scumbags!"
Man2: Yeah! lets tailgate them.
Man1: Good idea!
by --- November 24, 2003
passing injust judgement on someone based on an insignificant factor

some say hating prejudice people is prejudice in itself, but though hating someone because they opress and discriminate is not injust in any way
racists, homophobes, sexists, ageists, chauvanists etc

"I hate him"
"'cause he's white"
"...fuckin asshole"
by --- January 10, 2005
when ur fuckin a girl doggy style and pull it out real fast and stick it in her ass real quick and shell make the noise EE-EEE-EEEEE like a dolphin.
i was doing her doggy style and for the hell of it i dolphin fucked her. never did hear from her agian.
by --- November 30, 2003

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