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A female of exceptional beauty, intellect and kindness. Emy tends to be carefree and awesome in every way. She is more likely to rule the world and win your heart.
I wish I could be Emy.

As beautiful as an Emy.

That girl is awesome. She has to be an Emy.
by *Mr.Awesome* May 03, 2013
a passive aggressive succubus. Negative by nature, an emy will control those around it. Its victims often have no idea they are being controlled until the emy's true form is revealed.
1. Its sad he has no idea he is under an emy's spell.

2. That isn't just any demon, its an emy.
by nottheonlyonewhoknows November 22, 2010
another word for the term "passive aggressive." An emy is an immensely negative person who controls others through passive aggressive comments.
I feel a lot of negativity, there must be an emy near by!
by because its true November 22, 2010
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