It's not short for emily you (retards), it's a record company produced bands like (the beatles)
without emi there mightn't have been sgt. peppers.
by bEATLe_PauL June 05, 2005
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A nickname for the prettiest girl iv ever met named Emma. She has had the biggest crush on a guy name mike since the day I met her. She is a little crazy and sometimes insane but she knows how to make you laugh. She has g8 taste in clothes and has the prettiest blonde hair iv ever see. If you ever meet an emma like the one I know you have to be friends with her cuz she will make ur life very interesting and fun!
Dude1: have you seen Emi today?
Dude2: YES, she looks amazing and she said the funniest joke EVER!!!!!!
by Emi's BFF May 20, 2013
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"EMI" Stands for an extremely mad individual.
"Wow that champion is so fucking easy ur so broken u think ur good yet ur trash"

"I'm sorry that your team fed me and my team actually works with each other to outplay you"


"You sir, are being nominated after the game for being an EMI"
by Suriv December 23, 2013
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Noun: A person who is considered particularly conceited, has an exaggerrated sense of self worth. Believes herself to be equivalent to living perfection a.k.a The perfect woman. (Note: having this condition also denotes a belief that others should ALWAYS pay for you)
M******: Hey, did you hear that Emi?
J*****: Yeah! Frickin' Jerk! She always thinks shes so perfect!
B****: I hate her. She makes me buy her ruffles everyday. EVERYDAY!
K***: Yeah, she is pretty conceited huh?
N******:Oh shit! Here she comes!
(Everyone runs and hides. Except for a Josh. He gets ditched)
by S*** May 30, 2008
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The plural form of emo.
-Dude, I totally just got trampled by a herd of emi!

-Shit, man. I went to that concert a while ago and those stupid emi kept shoving us all around...it's like some stupid animal ritual otherwise known as moshing.
by TheKaitofLin April 10, 2007
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An ugly whore that should go die in a hole. She should be raped by a nun and stabbed in the eyes with needles. She is also dumber then Brandon cole (which is an huge feat)!!!!
Emi is an ugly girl!!!!!!!!!! (and horrible)
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A Woman Who Is To Hott For You And Way Out Of Your League But She Goes Out With You Just To Get Some Dick Because She Will Fuck Anything
"Damm Dawg Your Girlfrind Is Sooooo Hot"
"Yea But Shes A Total Emi"

"Check That Chick Out Shes Way Hott"
"Well You Could Get Sum Shes An Emi"
by J-Deezie L4Ezzie May 21, 2008
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