Noun: A person who is considered particularly conceited, has an exaggerrated sense of self worth. Believes herself to be equivalent to living perfection a.k.a The perfect woman. (Note: having this condition also denotes a belief that others should ALWAYS pay for you)
M******: Hey, did you hear that Emi?
J*****: Yeah! Frickin' Jerk! She always thinks shes so perfect!
B****: I hate her. She makes me buy her ruffles everyday. EVERYDAY!
K***: Yeah, she is pretty conceited huh?
N******:Oh shit! Here she comes!
(Everyone runs and hides. Except for a Josh. He gets ditched)
by S*** May 30, 2008
A Woman Who Is To Hott For You And Way Out Of Your League But She Goes Out With You Just To Get Some Dick Because She Will Fuck Anything
"Damm Dawg Your Girlfrind Is Sooooo Hot"
"Yea But Shes A Total Emi"

"Check That Chick Out Shes Way Hott"
"Well You Could Get Sum Shes An Emi"
by J-Deezie L4Ezzie May 21, 2008
The plural form of Emo.
There were a lot of emi at the mall, so we blew it up.
by Kralbeta April 12, 2007

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