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A word used to define a cute girl. Often short, funny, and lovable, that will make you fall in love.
"I think I'm falling in love with my girl."
"Aww, I'm glad you finally found yourself an Emmi!"
by brandnew874 July 01, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the world, no guy can resist her!
"Whoa, she looks amazing!"
"She's my Emmi :)"
by Teh Marky May 31, 2009
A complete and utter Schlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!!!!!
Woman: I slept with 15 guys this weekend
Friend: Oh my god you EMMI!!!!
by Hybrid Kaula April 30, 2008
Slang term in north west england for "herpes", also an annoying female who has a receeding hairline in her teens.
A short woman who won't shut up or go away, no matter how many times you tell her to.
"OMG, she has emmi"
or "I went to the doctors today about my emmi"
by Emmi Stevenson April 09, 2008
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