a snobby type who looks down on others because no one likes her and generally will grow bald with patches of hair and a girl-stache by the time shes 20 any siblings are the same!!
oi bob look at that grenade
Hahaa she must be an ELLEN!!
by Picklehead101 April 27, 2011
A dirty, slag whore, who has fucked more guys then you can count... loves the reefer, and obviously the cock.

Unless you are totally intoxicated, she is extremely annoying in anything more than 2 minute intervals.

Also see: Slapper, Stuck-up, Skank, Sausage Wallet, Cock Gobbler, Rancid
Person 1: See that girl over there?

Person 2: Which one?

Person 1: The real rough bitch...

Person 2: Ohh yeah, the "Ellen"
by cute bobbie October 11, 2010
ellens are usually ugly as fuck and looks like the sloth from ice-age. Also think they are top shit and bitch non stop about anything. They most often have a best friend called Mikaela who also thinks they are top shit and gangsta. but really havent got many friends at all and everyone hates them
what a try hard, shes such an ellen
by Jesus Christ-himself October 06, 2010
Uncontrollably loud, really obnoxious, reckless driver. She often zones out of conversations and says "what" when she hears something interesting. She eats her food really loud and basically inhales it.
"Did you see that car accident?"

"It was probably caused by an Ellen."
by Patricia Woodland December 31, 2009
A pain in the ass. Loud and obnoxious. Do not be around her when shes drunk she'll make you want to kill yourself. Cannot speak proper english. Has a sharpie fetish.
stop actin like ellen you drunken fool
by mike_dylan February 04, 2010
Usually Asian, does not know how to drive, and is often making enemies with her boyfriend's "little sluts". She thinks her boyfriend's friends are idiots, and needs a sense of humour. Always in control of everything, and very manipulative. She is a cunning woman, and knows how to get her own way. She knows how to make people feel bad, and doesn't give a shit. She is always looking for free stuff, cheap bitch.
Gary: Bro, that Ellen chick needs a slap

Daniel: I know bro, but she's so sexy.
by chuuuurrrrr January 08, 2010
a. a slang term for prostitute
b. a female con-artist
C. to have missionary sex while underwater
d. a Famous Lesbian.
"That Ellen charged me 120 for one Night!"

"She's an Ellen. She stole 45 bucks from me and I didnt even notice."

"Me and Amy pulled an all night Ellen."

"Ellen DeGeneres show, shes such a lesbian!"
by Alyssa M October 26, 2006

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