A pain in the ass. Loud and obnoxious. Do not be around her when shes drunk she'll make you want to kill yourself. Cannot speak proper english. Has a sharpie fetish.
stop actin like ellen you drunken fool
by mike_dylan February 04, 2010
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1. A type of filthy chicken.

2. A black Racoon.
" OMG, can you see that ellen in the flock of chickens."

" Hey did you see that ellen in the bin searching for food."
by Paidijones January 20, 2008
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The real and actual devil. It can eat other's souls and is the reason for very bad thing.
by lkhfde December 03, 2011
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Uncontrollably loud, really obnoxious, reckless driver. She often zones out of conversations and says "what" when she hears something interesting. She eats her food really loud and basically inhales it.
"Did you see that car accident?"

"It was probably caused by an Ellen."
by Patricia Woodland December 31, 2009
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Ellen, the Lesbian. the gayest person ever that can do the best ugliest fish lips that no one else can do better. Therefore, who ever does fish lips we call it ELLEN or EP.
plus, this "Ellen" likes girls , & has the loudest farts ever.
Oh my goodness..your lips.It looks like.. ELLEN!..Thats Horrible!
by lickemlinerd July 10, 2006
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a former actress/comedian who is now a talk-show host on NBC who rambles on and on while you wait for the punch line, and a neurotic, fool of a person who used to be funny but is now only a terribly dressed, crazy dancer on a very highly popular, publicized talk show.
did you see ellen dancing on her show last night?

yeah but what did that bitch have on?

yeah, and was tht "joke" she told supposed to be funny?

i dunno, but I do know that I don't really like her anymore.

i feel you, dog
by Alisha-baby December 07, 2006
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Usually Asian, does not know how to drive, and is often making enemies with her boyfriend's "little sluts". She thinks her boyfriend's friends are idiots, and needs a sense of humour. Always in control of everything, and very manipulative. She is a cunning woman, and knows how to get her own way. She knows how to make people feel bad, and doesn't give a shit. She is always looking for free stuff, cheap bitch.
Gary: Bro, that Ellen chick needs a slap

Daniel: I know bro, but she's so sexy.
by chuuuurrrrr January 08, 2010
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