A really great person whos very wrong minded and sooo pretty. Usually full/half asian. Such great friends, every one wants an ellen friend. always very smart and tallented.
guy: I think i like Ellen.

guy2: dude same!!
guy 3: i guess every one likes ellen....
Ellen:why would they like me im weird and ugly?!!
by Goodfriend2003 May 23, 2015
An Ellen is a rare female who is insanely keen for everything, and is obsessive about school. She will at first glance look innocent and harmless, although be warned the ellen has a fiery temper, and is an animal in bed. The Ellenous breed are a usually a wild creature and found in the depths of caves and under rocks.
"omg stop being so damn ellen and chill out!"
by underwaterwear April 14, 2011
Ellen's are very rare they like cheese and Pokemon and are usually blonde. If you know a Ellen you are very lucky to know such a crazy, weird and awesome person. Ellen's are huge gamers and usually love animals like guinea pigs. Ellen's are smart kind funny beautiful and awesome in every way. P.s. if you see someone riding a Pikachu it's probably an Ellen
Tim: omg there's a girl riding a Pikachu she must be awesome if she ran ride a Pokemon I wonder who she is

Rachael:oh look at her go she must be an Ellen
by Radboi1234 December 30, 2013
Ellen is a smart, humerous, slightly slutty, clever and kind hearted person. Extremely trust worthy. Ellen will always be able to have the craic with you and cheer you up. Even though Ellen always acts happy and crazy, there is a soft side to her. She will share her secrets with the people she trusts. But if you dis obey her trust you will have to work EXTREMELY hard to win it back. If you even ever do. Ellen isn't afraid to express her opinions and she doesn't care what people say about her.
Person1: I'm so lucky to be friends with Ellen!
Person2: Yea you and me both bro
by Anna01 June 27, 2016
The real and actual devil. It can eat other's souls and is the reason for very bad thing.
Run away from the Ellen! It'll eat your soul!!!!
by lkhfde December 03, 2011
A female, in normal circumstances, who has little self regard for her self whilst under the influence of substances. This includes: casual 'fingering' amongst other things.

More than likely has Thrush and a keen obsession with Justin Bieber.
1) "Come here boy and Ellen Tumulty me!"
2) "Youve been biebered!"
by gandt crew May 01, 2011
a whore who sleeps with their bestfreinds brothers
ellen: hey i'm a whore do me.
brother: okay!
ellen i'm so loose
by penisgirl19 May 29, 2011
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