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A girl who is just absolutely perfect. Beautiful in every way, filled with kindness, and is absolutely adorable. Someone that you wouldn't be able to live without in your life.
Guy #1: Hey have you seen that girl?
Guy #2: Yea! She looks like an Ellen!
Guy #1: I wish I had her as mine.
by imin921 November 19, 2010
Name given to a girl who is the best in the brothel-working business, yet she doesn't give it away for free, as she is classy. Also a name given to one of the prettiest girls in school.
1. "Ew, Twitchy, move yo' scatty fiery ass out the way hoe, you burnin' me! I'd rather see Ellen out there shakin' that thaaaaaang."
2. "Oh my god, I wish I was just like Ellen - she is drop-dead gorgeous with a great personality too!"
by Mutumbe September 17, 2008
Ellen is actually the best friend you can have. She will never let you down, or betray you. She is so amazing. She´s beatiful, funny, smart (sometimes) If you get to know a Ellen, stay with her. She is perfect. The perfect bestfriend and girlfriend. You will love her right away, you cant hate her. I know, i love my bestfriend. She is named Ellen<3
Me: Thats Ellen!
Me: I know;p
by IwasBornToTellYouIloveYou October 31, 2011
A gorgeous girl who would never admit it. She has extremely low self esteem, and will often beat herself up about being an asshole. Ellen's been through a lot in her life, and she's been hardened because of it. She has trouble letting things go. She may seem tough on the outside but she always has her soft spots for those special people. Ellen will love you unconditionally, and is always loyal. She'd give her two front teeth for you. Ellen's are typically hilarious, they always know how to cheer you up. They don't care what others think of them, and are comfortable talking about ANYTHING with you. Hold on to this girl.
God I love her.
Yeah, she's an Ellen...
by Young78 August 29, 2012
Basically an perfect girl. Someone who cares for others heaps more than herself and is usually super nice. Ellen's are usually mind-blowingly gorgeous although she's insecure and cannot see it. Ellen's are sassy and know how to pick a fight, but also know how to keep a conversation going with an best friend.

If you find an Ellen, stick with her. There's no one else like her.
Person 1: Woah, who's that girl? She's fucking awesome.
Person 2: She's obviously an Ellen. She's perfect.
by wuuuuuuutxo February 28, 2013
always looking for a good time..
fun to be around
thinks she's cool
is cool..
burps in peoples face, blows breath in your face.
has swag
crazy wackadoo
has a posse of guys
popular and outgoing
craziest girl i have ever met
one of a kind
oh look at that cool cat..ohh that must be an ellen
by leslie wangwang October 28, 2011
An Ellen is a rare female who is insanely keen for everything, and is obsessive about school. She will at first glance look innocent and harmless, although be warned the ellen has a fiery temper, and is an animal in bed. The Ellenous breed are a usually a wild creature and found in the depths of caves and under rocks.
"omg stop being so damn ellen and chill out!"
by underwaterwear April 14, 2011