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the worst disease known to man. cannot be cured, only treated with drugs such as the sleep-inducing Benadryl (Diphenhydramine), the delaying Singulair (Montelukast), or the ineffective Claritin (Loratadine). typical symptoms include sneezing; runny, itchy, or stuffy nose; watery eyes; and general grumpiness and irritability.
Do you want to go shopping?

Can't. *sniff* Hab allergies.

Do you want to go watch a movie?

Can't. *sniff* Hab allergies.

Do you want to go anywhere?

by ZeldaMcFly August 31, 2010
A condition in which the body has an exaggerated response to a substance (eg food or drug). Also known as hypersensitivity.
"I have an allergy to nuts"
by sarah-3-2321 June 11, 2006
Crappy feeling you get when your body doesnt like something or when the seasons hate you and make you feel sickish.
girl: achoo!!
boy: bless you! are you sick?
girl: nawh its my damn allergies
by missKay&missBee September 23, 2011
When symptoms of asthma or allergies flare up, they can leave you feeling helpless. But there are steps you can take to eliminate reactions and lessen the intensity of the symptoms. Installing air filters in your heating and air conditioning units will remove the harmful irritating particles that cause asthmatic and allergic reactions. You can save yourself a lot of stress, a lot of health problems and a whole lot of financial burden simply by keeping your AC or furnace filters clean.
by ACFilters4Less March 26, 2015
What you have when you know you have a cold but you can't afford to miss a day of work so you tell yourself (and any others who comment on your symptoms) that it is just "allergies" so they won't be worried that you're contagious.
If people would admit they had a mild cold rather than allergies, the common cold would not be so common.
by Name-42 January 26, 2014

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