Non-existent, yet worshiped as some kind of god by the strange subspecies of humans we have come to known as "fangirls".

Human: He doesn't even exist.


Human: Keep dreaming, fangirl. We will never understand you and your people.
by Mr.Sacman May 02, 2009
The result of what happens when voldemort kills Cedric and he changes into a fairy that sparkles. Harry should be worried.

He stalks this stupid teenager called Bella Swan, and messes with her head. He more than likely has escaped a mental instution, having commited this crime a few years ago.

He is somehow able to have sex with Bella creating a child. However, he is supposingly dead, meaning he cannot have an erection, so I fail to see how that works.

He goes insane by one smell of her blood, yet is able to manage four days of her bleeding from down below due to her period.

Did I mention he sparkles? Well he does..
Yesturday, a guy crept into my room. He watched me all night but yet failed to get an erection when I changed.. He could be the brother of Edward Cullen!
by failingsuccess December 19, 2010
A sparkling fairy!!
by Dallas Sparkleshock June 13, 2010
A gay fairy
Fangirl: EhMaGawd i just luv Edward Cullen!!!!

Fanboy: Trust me, you don't have a chance!

Normal person: *Shoots them and then self*

Crowd: *Awards aforementioned normal person a medal of honor in combat*
by jajajajajajagermangirly80 May 30, 2010
A homosexual annoying sparkling vampire from the lamest vampire series EVER!
Edward Cullen is the most stupidest vampire ever!
by mmmtttt April 28, 2010
A complete an utter disappointment to vampires everywhere. Why you ask? Here are a few reasons:
-He fucking sparkles.
-He pervs on young women (and men for all we know)
-He has commitment issues ("Bella I love, Bella I'm leaving" ... I mean come on dude, make up your fucking mind!)
-He is a 'vegetarian vampire.'
-He is 'to good for anyone.' AKA he is full of himself.
There are so many more but I just do not have time to name all the crappy things about him.
There is a creepy guy in my room last night who was watching me sleep." ... "Oh it must have been Edward Cullen.
by AlphaWolfMika January 26, 2011
1. A shiny, pedophile version of a vampire who neither sleeps in coffins OR turn into a bat or bat-like liquid.

2. A female version of hentai, except without the pictures.
Rick: "That Edward Cullen, man..."

Roll: "I know! He could get beat by Herman Munster!"
by TheBatFunk June 27, 2010

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