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apparently what vampires are nowadays
seriously. since when did count dracula "sparkle"? i mean really if i saw a one of those sparkly vampires, i'd laugh my ass off

*note: i don't see what the big deal with this whole twilight fad, nor am i interested
by purple_sheboodles29 November 17, 2009
when shiny things make pretty lights cuz of the sun...
hehe oooooooooooooooooooooooooo sparkly!
by jeanie, me September 24, 2006
The quality of an object to render all females completely unable to resist its charms.
She won't be able to resist my sparkly marriage sack.
by Sammmmmmmmeh November 07, 2007
When something shines, or glitters. Disco balls are sparkly. Lady Gaga's dresses are sparkly. Diamonds are sparkly. Vampires, are not sparkly.
Person 1: Man, look at this sparkly diamond!
Twilight fan: OMG! That's like Edward!
Person 1: No. Vampires. Aren't. Freaking. SPARKLY!!!
by IT'S_OVER_9000 February 07, 2012
A cooler term for "awards" than the word "awards." Usually a shiny statuette that says your work doesn't suck. Sparklies give you cred and make your work legitimafied.
"Check out the sparklies on my mantle."


"I'm not sayin' my work is better than yours, I'm just sayin' I have a ton of sparklies."
by rockstarawesome October 23, 2009
A color (indicative of glittery, shiny and glitzy).
Melissa: "What's your favorite color?"

Anne Marie: "Gosh, that's a tough question to answer. I really like pink, purple and sparkly."
by My boo lives in the nati. May 15, 2010
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