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a number synonymous with evil; a number that can represent and manifest evil; an evil omen; often identified with cult practices
The killer's identity was obviously foreshadowed when he stayed in room 108.

According to the dead sea scrolls, the anti-christ's birthday will be on October 8th (the tenth of August in Europe).
by Crazy Jack the rabbit December 24, 2011
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108, aka. Tim Rogers.
108 secrets about the number 108
by Alex Miller January 06, 2005
a housing project in orange, nj where half ass GKB niggaz ckome from
dis 108 nigga gonna get his food ate...bang bang NTG gang...93 b's up
by nastii October 25, 2003
To smoke up. Get high.
Sarah: Hey Tova, want to go 10-8?
by Brown Eyed Girl September 02, 2005
Code name for underage girls. When a young, drunk annoying girl hits on your boyfriend and tries to make herself sound desirable by continually saying she only weighs 108. Girls who brag about being light as air. Girls who repeat their low weight repeatedly when drunk to impress a guy who's taken. Skinny girls who don't have a chance with your boyfriend.
108: "Justin, can I sit on your lap? I'm only 108!"

108: (talking to friend in earshot your BF) "Then I was like, Doctor, that scale is so wrong. I mean, I'm only 108!"

GF: 108 totally hit on Justin all night and bragged about how she only weighs 108.
by Friend-of-a-friend December 22, 2006
108 is actually an old phallic number meaning "shut the fuck up... idiot"
108, KillaGill
by Im white 88 October 08, 2003
One of the most fearest unit of the bloodz. Young Bucks and Young Chicks.
by KillaGill August 05, 2003

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