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To get Eddied means to achieve a status of beyond drunk or wasted. Which results in uncontrollable puking out of your nose and mouth.
He was so Eddied yesterday from taking 15 shots of vodka, charlie murphy is gonna have to pick up his brother from that back alley.
by The CSUSoriginator October 06, 2008
(Verb) For someone to unexpectedly stop texting you back and or unexpectedly start to ignore you although they do not give you a reason.
Girl 1: Omg girl he won't return my calls or texts.
Girl 2: Sound like a good old fashion case of getting eddied.
by Luv Doctor July 29, 2015
to get so close to achieving your goal only to stumble at the final hurdle.
To go out in the last position before winning money in a tournament
he was so close to making the money of the poker tournament but he eddied
by GeeHeeb April 12, 2013
To sucker punch someone in the face while they aren't looking
Dan got eddied in the face.
by donata September 12, 2008

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