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Scottish City in the north-east. greatest place on earth. we may have a crappy football team and the city might be made of granite but having lived there all my life, i wouldnt want to live anywhere else.
Aberdeen is scotland's oil capital.
by silverandcold February 07, 2007
A proper authentic Scottish city, only fully appreciated by Aberdonians and non-Scots.

Attracts much critisism from the more simple residents of Scotland (i.e. within the central belt) largely borne out of envy of the fact that it is (for the most part) a nice place to live with few murders, no deep-fried Mars Bar suppers and no sectarianism.

The only 'one city - one football team' in Scotland - The Dons. Best team in Europe for a spell in the 80s, fans now accept that glory days are long gone but still fiercely loyal. Celtic fans think Dons try harder against Celtic, Rangers fans think the Dons try harder against Rangers. In reality, they try harder against whichever of the Old Firm is being especially annoying. Take your pick.
Glasweigan: Aberdeen? I hate it!

Non-Glasweigan: Hiv you ever lived there?

Glasweigan: Er no. By the way.
by Johnnyp1000 August 08, 2008
Scottish city, which prides itself on being "the oil capital of Europe". In reality this just means the dogsbody work of the oil industry is shipped up there, away from the company directors who still live in wealth and comfort in the South-East of England. Famous for it's terrible weather and casual violence, it also has the dubious honour of being the most radioactive city in Britain - due mostly to all the buildings being made out of granite, which slowly releases radon gas. The inhabitants are usually too stupid to cause many problems, so long as you don't look them in the eye...
"Where are you from?"
"I'm so sorry."
by knifewound mcgee June 27, 2006
A small city in southern Harford County, Maryland. This town was began in 1892, and officially changed its status to a city in 1992. The current mayor is Michael E. Bennett, and he has been in office since 2007. Some attractions are the MiLB Orioles-affiliated Aberdeen Ironbirds, who play a short season every year at Ripken Stadium. This team was begun by Cal Ripken, jr. in 2002, and recently won the McNamara division in September 2013. Ripken Stadium is also home to the Cal Ripken Little League World Series each August.

Other attractions are Aberdeen Proving Ground, the HEAT center, and numerous shopping plazas throughout town. Some lesser-known attractions are the Harford Lanes Bowling, Aberdeen Family Swim Center, Festival Park, and many restaurants, including Panera Bread, Golden Corral, Bob Evan's, Applebee's, and the Greene Turtle. Some hotels in the town are the Holiday Inn and Hilton Garden Inn. The town has a Rotary Club, as well as several town events hosted throughout the year at Festival Park, including an Earth Day celebration, the Christmas Street Parade, and music performances each Tuesday throughout the summer.
Aberdeen, Maryland: Home of Opportunity.
by ShyFly September 20, 2013
Arsehole of Scotland. Really IS a shithole. I know, I've had the misfortune to live there for the last 5 years.

Punctuated by a proudly melancholic people of stony face and hopeless demeanour. Narrow horizons are projected often through the assertion that they "wouldnae want to live onywhere else", having never ventured south of Dundee.

The city itself is entirely composed of grey, mildly radioactive rock from a local quarry. Often euphemised as "silver", it is important to assert that this is only a reference to the way in which the rock shines when wet from the ceaseless rain. The sun is seldom out without rain: earning an even more far-fetched euphemism of Aberdeen as: "the Rainbow city".
On becoming aware that an elderly woman was ill at ease with me, a male in my early twenties, standing at a bus stop in a rough area of Aberdeen, I seek to break the ice and put her at ease with some gentle conversation (We brits always make polite conversation about weather) :

Me: Day's looking better, was awfully grey this morning.
Old Woman: Fit? (It means "what" in Doric, a hilarious regional dialect of said shithole)
Me (Talking louder so the old dear could hear me): Terribly overcast this morning: but it's nicer now!
Old woman: Better overcast than sunny!
Me: Eh?
Old Woman: Terrible thing the sun. Gives ye cancer: the sun.(pronounced cOncer in doric...)

This "glass half-empty" approach to life is ubiquitous with the festering place. If misery could be bought the city would bankrupt itself.

by Shilland April 13, 2008
best city in the world.
found in the north east of scotland.
it is famous for oil,granite and a brilliant team aberdeen fc.
great places to go are torry,cove,bridge of don
but as all places there shitholes like kingcorth,northfield and portlethon where you may get muged or even shot (most likly kingcorth)

aberdeen has been referd to as sheepshaggers,after the whole football incident when an aberdeen player broke a rangers players leg.

night life in aberdeen is fantastic expecialy if your under 25.

went up to aberdeen was great fun.went to watch the dons play rangers they won 8-0.

by dean mcdougall November 24, 2007
A city full of sheep-shagging bastards..
Aberdeen is full of sheep-shagging bastards
by saggytits July 17, 2010
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