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What you accuse a person of doing when they can't pay attention.

E.D.D Eating Dick Disorder. Person who can't focus cause they get distracted easy
Angel: Look out bro you're gonna hit that car
Carlos: Damn bro, I didn't see that nigga coming
Angel: You're too busy eating dick. Focus bro focus
by thats September 21, 2011
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Eating cock (adverb.) The act of falling very hard, possibly hard enough your legs kick up in the air.
Ron:Wow man that fall must have hurt.

Nick:Yeah man, I totally ate dick.


Him:Babe can I at least teach him how? He is going to be eating dick all day if I don't!

Her:Honey its better if he eats dick and learns from his own mistakes.
by Good-advice-doggo November 18, 2016
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