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The patented hotel peephole offered by many fine establishments, such as the Intown Motel, used to film pedophile type pornography pictures.
Adam: Dude i have to show you the nastiest vid....straight up bush and she doesn't know.

Wale: Dude no way! How did they pull that off?!

Adam: Got em with The Andrews Peephole.
by Bigazn1990 December 03, 2009
The phrase used when teeing off during frisbee golf. The Eat is stressed and the Dick is screamed in a high pitch voice.
Josh: Drewski dude tee off
Drew: Aight...Eat Dick!
by Bigazn1990 December 02, 2009
The movement and political campaign that killed the foundation of America.
Obama: We need Change. Change will take us out of these dark financial times.
Anyonewithsense: You dumb@#!% you've just brought communisim to america and helped raise unemployment.
by Bigazn1990 January 11, 2010

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