Compulsive mythomaniac stalker wanted to make believe he's a horny beautiful babe. Unfortunately his pictures have been found on Innocenteve.com and the stalker never appeared again.
Eh are you a Ele or what?
by guillotine July 09, 2004
Top Definition
another word for Everybody Love Everybody
omg justin youre such a faggot
i hate you soo much
fuck you queer

by darejar March 11, 2008
abbrivation of Everybody love everybody. its the number one rule. the only rule
him:Hey wat is our only rule?

You:E.L.E ... Everybody love everybody coach:(
by Dallas_D March 12, 2008
1.The ability to give someone such an evil look that they slowly start wanting to kill themselves each day

2.A talent to get chocolate off even the cheapest scrape
Daymn dont let that ele look at u like that, itll kill you one day

by Max P B September 18, 2008

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