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another word for Everybody Love Everybody
omg justin youre such a faggot
i hate you soo much
fuck you queer

by darejar March 11, 2008
what you say after ever sentence to sound cool and chic.
you want water with that?

yeah yeah das was up
by darejar March 10, 2008
someone that goes to sleep rediculously early.
herman: im going to sleep..night
bill: its only 5 pm
herman: zzzzzz
bill: youre such a dmudd!
by darejar December 29, 2007
something that is so rediculous that it needs a curse word to make a point
wtf? mars is gonna collide with earth? thats refuckindiculous
by darejar January 01, 2008
a wide receiver that catches any ball thrown to him/her
Andrew catches the ball so damn well, we decided to call him Purple Man Pinky McNasty.
by darejar November 28, 2007
ballin' in spanish

coined by andrew
I am ballin

yo soy balliando
by darejar November 27, 2007
someone who is asian and eats with chopsticks very fast
lemme have chicken and broc...whoop (asian ate the broccoli faster than a speeding bullet with his chopsticks)

woah he's like a jedi chopstick master...which was coined by andrew
by darejar March 09, 2008

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