slang for f or fail.
ef, efff, eeff
by asfd777 October 05, 2011
Noun: A reference to almost anything.

Verb: Means to fuck with (not sexually).

This can be used in replace of 'fuck' because it is toned down so as not to offend anyone.
Noun: "Hey ef, we gotta go or we'll be late!"
"Oh ef!"
Verb: :::Me playing in the ocean throwing sandcrabs at Samir::: Samir: "Don't ef with the wildlife!"

by darsebendz October 12, 2005
Eye Fuck
Eyed Fucked
Dude, this guy came into the shop and I totally EF'd his wife; I like to EF the high school chicks;
by MF'n Hizaley December 07, 2004
The one and only, EF.

Coward, wuss, pansie, lamer, pathetic gimp.
"Look! It's EF! OMGOSH"
by Da Chip March 19, 2003

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