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A term used by many skydivers. Simply, it means, "Eat, Fuck, Skydive."

Hence the acronym, EFS
Hey Mark, blue skies! What's up, Kevin? Nothing but EFS, brother.
by HatefulPilot August 21, 2011
Usually meaning the end of something, or a final part in something; that's the end.
Taken from the movie, Goodfellas during the scene where Tommy DeVito is supposed to be made a member of the Mafia.

*group enters an empty room*

Tommy DeVito: Aww no!

*Mob hitman shoots Tommy in the back of the head*

Mob hitman #1: And that's that.

Mob hitman #2: No fucking joke.

Mob hitman #1: Let's go, I'm fucking hungry.
by HatefulPilot September 02, 2011
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. A professional Law Enforcement Agency in the State of Florida. They pride themselves over Integrity, Professionalism, and Respect. Responsible for Palm Beach County, which happens to be the largest county in Florida and largest county east of the Mississippi.
Mike, call the PBSO. They've got the equipment and knowledge to really go after this criminal and solve this case.
by HatefulPilot October 11, 2011
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