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Stands for Eau De Toilette, a form of perfume or cologne with 1-6% (actual numbers vary) scented perfume concentrates in the perfume base (usually alcohol) (compare to EDP which contains 7-15% perfume concentrates). Usually a lighter scent and doesn't last as long as EDP.
Wow my perfume is EDT.
by hua hua hua July 13, 2005
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Estimated Delivery Time
The EDT for this work is June 1st
by gusdie July 10, 2009
Every Day Thing. What we call cocaine, my friend.
Lets hit up some EDT tonight before going to the bar.
by ItchingJ January 12, 2005
Emergency Dept.Tech
The code bluewas called and the EDT performed compressionshoping to save the patient's life.
by anotherguin July 10, 2008
snorting cocaine urr`day
everyday thingy thangs
by Jezuz.Ownz.You February 14, 2005
Acronym for:
Estimated Drinking Time

Notably used to countdown the time left until you and your friends are going to get trashed.
I need beers, when is the EDT?

When is the EDT, I'm suffering ADS here.
by Rob March 27, 2005

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