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1) a brand of cigar almost exclusively used for rolling blunts. No one actually smokes dutches, they just gut them bitches and fill em up wit product.

2) a slang word for a blunt

3) i guess a dutch is also sumone from Holland lol
roll another dutch my nigga
by DD-crillzz June 02, 2008
1. of or pertaining to the Netherlands.

2. a blunt made by rolling weed in a cigar wrapper

3. "to get in Dutch" - to get in trouble;

4. "Dutch treat"; an invitation where the invitee is expected to pay his/her own way.

5. "Dutch date"; a date where each person agrees to pick up their own tab.

6. "Dutch uncle": a stern disciplinarian;

7. "Dutch courage"; courage derived from drinking alcohol
1. Dutch girls look really fly in those wooden shoes.

2. Don't bogart that dutch.

3. I got in Dutch with Teresa when she noticed 497 calls to Raquel on my phone bill.

4. When I found out it was supposed to be Dutch treat I had to climb out the bathroom window.

5. Raquel said she'd only go out with me if it's a Dutch date. She doesn't want to feel obligated to give me any.

6. Don't Dutch-uncle me, you ain't my daddy!

7. When I found out I was in Dutch with Theresa i had to stop by the bar for some Dutch courage before I went home.
by Slomo Spleefhogger August 19, 2005
Dutch or Dutchie;

Inhabitant of The Netherlands, a small country in Europe. Contrary to popular belief, they do not wear clogs all the time.
1: Did you see that Dutchie?
2: What Dutchie? I thought those wore clogs?
by Kef-Meister December 22, 2004
the tallest damn people in the world, averaging in at 6' 2", which , contrary to one of the posts before this, implies they are very well endowed.
The Netherlands (where dutch people come from) has dykes. Real dykes, which are like dams exept to keep out the ATLANTIC OCEAN.
Oh yeah, and they bike EVERYWHERE, which is chill 'cause all the land in The Netherlands is flat.
Me: "I'm Dutch, f34r my huge wang"
by A FRICKIN DUTCHMAN June 09, 2006
the product atained by cutting a cigar and stuffing it with marijuana.
a stuffed cigar.
"pass that dutch..."
by England June 12, 2005

To describe something as the best.
OMG dude I just got back from that party, shit was dutch!"
by elDuder August 24, 2010
A) A Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of the Netherlands and parts of Belgium (known there as Flemish). Derived from Germany's language Deutsch (German). Contrary to popular belief, Dutch is not a form of German, it is simply a Germanic language, in the same respects as French and Italian are both Romance languages.

B) A product or person from the Netherlands. Known in the country as 'Nederlander'.

C) A term used for Marijuana because it is commonly known that pot and other drugs are legal in the Netherlands.
A) "I will be taking a Dutch class this semester so when I visit the Netherlands, I'll be able to converse with the locals."

B) "Buy some Dutch chocolate. It's excellent!"


"I am one-half Dutch."

C) "Want to smoke some Dutch?"
by Chickee August 26, 2005