A) A Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of the Netherlands and parts of Belgium (known there as Flemish). Derived from Germany's language Deutsch (German). Contrary to popular belief, Dutch is not a form of German, it is simply a Germanic language, in the same respects as French and Italian are both Romance languages.

B) A product or person from the Netherlands. Known in the country as 'Nederlander'.

C) A term used for Marijuana because it is commonly known that pot and other drugs are legal in the Netherlands.
A) "I will be taking a Dutch class this semester so when I visit the Netherlands, I'll be able to converse with the locals."

B) "Buy some Dutch chocolate. It's excellent!"


"I am one-half Dutch."

C) "Want to smoke some Dutch?"
by Chickee August 26, 2005
a fat, big blunt
"hey man, you tryna smoke a blunt?"
"na man i wanna smoke a dutch!"
by canterberry February 15, 2009
A practice used by all dutch folk. Used in sexual and spiritual rites. To Dutch is to take a large pole between 4 and 10 ft. and proceed to place near the rectum then another Dutchmen will use a ceremonial Dutch paddle to pound in. The dutching rod as it is known will eventually appear in the throat. Only the dutch can survive the ordeal and usually enjoy it. The leader of these right, their spiritual leader, and their political leader is simply called The Dousberg, also known as The Bloody Dutchman.
How did they execute him
by Dutching, they said the Bloody Dutchman himself was their
Poor bastard
by High Prophet of Taran October 20, 2010
Noun-(duhtch) The next big thing since sliced bread.

Kind of a big deal. @dutch209
"Chibata bread is wack, Dutch crunch is where its at"

"You havn't heard, ima kinda big deal"
by Dutch Brookenoven November 11, 2013
To do something crazy or risky that could produce unexpected or bad results.
"I'm going dutch and rushing in"

"Dude that was so dutch"
by thekgproject September 08, 2011
Beutiful Queen, Queen of all Bitchez
Brittany is the dutches of all broads
by Dutchez December 08, 2008
A blunt(cigar emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuana) rolled in the popular type of cigar called a "Dutch Master". Usually split up into the inner leaf-paper and the outer leaf wrap, then marijuana is rolled inside the paper and the leaf is wrapped around the outside.
Yo kid pass that dutch!

That dutch got me so doobie-faced.
by Mazahs December 07, 2006

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