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People whose heritage comes from the Western European country known as the Netherlands. Known for being tall, re-claiming their land from the sea, wooden shoes, and tulips.

The Dutch are given credit for the invention of the doughnut, so be thankful for that.

The Dutch are also responsible for the creation of the BeNeLux trade agreement after WWII, now known as the European Union.

The Dutch are also known to be stingy with their money, not unlike being called a 'Jew' but those of Dutch heritage take pride in their coupon-clipping lifestyle.
Dude 1: "Hey man, I just saw this super-tall bro at the store."
Dude 2: "Yeah, he's probably Dutch."

Dude 1: "We should thank somebody for bringing post-War peace to Europe."
Dude 2: "Thank the Dutch, they're awesome."

Dude 1: "I just bought a doughnut with a buy-one-get-2-free coupon."
Dude 2: "Wow! You are so Dutch!"
by Dutchman3 November 11, 2011
Noun-(duhtch) The next big thing since sliced bread.

Kind of a big deal. @dutch209
"Chibata bread is wack, Dutch crunch is where its at"

"You havn't heard, ima kinda big deal"
by Dutch Brookenoven November 11, 2013
A practice used by all dutch folk. Used in sexual and spiritual rites. To Dutch is to take a large pole between 4 and 10 ft. and proceed to place near the rectum then another Dutchmen will use a ceremonial Dutch paddle to pound in. The dutching rod as it is known will eventually appear in the throat. Only the dutch can survive the ordeal and usually enjoy it. The leader of these right, their spiritual leader, and their political leader is simply called The Dousberg, also known as The Bloody Dutchman.
How did they execute him
by Dutching, they said the Bloody Dutchman himself was their
Poor bastard
by High Prophet of Taran October 20, 2010
To do something crazy or risky that could produce unexpected or bad results.
"I'm going dutch and rushing in"

"Dude that was so dutch"
by thekgproject September 08, 2011
a fat, big blunt
"hey man, you tryna smoke a blunt?"
"na man i wanna smoke a dutch!"
by canterberry February 15, 2009
tall, hot, and blue eyed people that are originally from the netherlands or Holland, and every one is jealous of them.
that girls is so hot, she must be dutch!
are you dutch? because your tall, hot, and blue eyed!
by Aurora VonTwinklewinkle February 07, 2009
Beutiful Queen, Queen of all Bitchez
Brittany is the dutches of all broads
by Dutchez December 08, 2008