Representing something cool or fashionable; something that is seen as chic or hip.
It can also be used to denote something that is seen as hot, sexy, or attractive.
The word is essentially interchangeable with "Cool".
Your hair is so Dutch right now.
You look totally Dutch.
Her purse is so Dutch.
by Ceira July 23, 2010
Often confused with the German word "Deutsch."
Dutch is the language spoken in the Netherlands. Deutsch is the German word for their language.
by BrotherRulian July 26, 2008
its a dutchmaster cigar
lets puff a dutch son.
by dankie February 14, 2005
the guys are usually tall with spiked or slicked back hair, often deep v necks. Always hitting the club. The women are damn hot, often with blonde hair.
Did you see that guy with gelled hair and deep v? I bet he was dutch!!
by Jason Fedo May 22, 2011
A feminine male, who is always the catcher in the relationship.
Rex is so dutch, that he doesn't even ask for a reach around.
by SHAFT531 July 06, 2010
Something or someone that's from The Netherlands (Holland). Not to be confused with Deutsch, which is the German word for the German language. And Dutch people don't want to be associated with Germans.. We don't like them!
Lisa: Hoi, alles goed?
Jan: Ja, met jou?
Tourist: That accent, are you from Germany?
Lisa & Jan: NOOO!! We're Dutch!
by vonniee1 October 27, 2007
DUTCH:duhchAnother name for a guy named Josh.
ME: "Dutch" likes the cock.

Dutch: My name is Dutch and I do like the cock.
by Somebody U Don't Know About May 21, 2009

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