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1.) A form of beer (US English) or lager (British) that is brewed in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is currently the world's most exported beer. The name comes from its inventor, Heineken.
2.) A member of the Heineken family, a very rich family of beer brewers from the Netherlands. Most famous is Freddy Heineken, once chairman of Heineken breweries, who was abducted in the 1980s.
1.) I'll have a Heineken please.
2.) I'll have a Heine.
3.) Heerlijk Helder Heineken (for over four decades the slogan in Dutch Heineken ads; means "Wonderful Bright Heineken" prounounced "hay-r-laick hell-dur hine-e-ken.")
by Teunkie April 23, 2003
Something or someone from the Netherlands, a small country in North-West Europe. Because of the many conflicts and wars between England and The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (as it was then called), 17th century English knew many expressions containing the word to describe something in a derogatory manner. Some of these expressions are still used.
Dutch widow (a prostitute).
by Teunkie April 23, 2003
A form of beer (US English) or lager (British); brewed in Groenlo, the Netherlands. A popular export product. Best known for it's unique bottles with porcelain caps.
I'll have a Grolsch please.
by Teunkie April 23, 2003
Expression for something that is considered very liberal, tolerant or open minded. Originates from south-east England, and is word play: although Cuba might have the relaxed image commonly associated with the Caribean islands, its communist leadership makes it actually really restricted and stern.
1) "That is so cuban."
2) "Did you see that chick walk around without a bikini top? That's so cuban."
by Teunkie April 23, 2003
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