A slang term in London & it's estuary counties for low grade Marijuana .
" Yeah well Jack, At least I ain't got that shitty Dutch that Wayne is selling you boys"

"This Dutch is big!!"

"You don't know about dutch"

"Your weed is dutch!"

"Yea right my weed is dutch Deci"
by Gangsta WIllma November 26, 2014
(n). The absolute filthiest. Dutch do the filthiest things in every sector of society.
Man 1: "Did you see that girl Furkan was talking to?"

Man 2: "Yeah, Jose?"

Man 1: "Yeah her. She's so Dutch."

Man 2: "The filthiest!"
by Madara101 July 31, 2014
Noun-(duhtch) The next big thing since sliced bread.

Kind of a big deal. @dutch209
"Chibata bread is wack, Dutch crunch is where its at"

"You havn't heard, ima kinda big deal"
by Dutch Brookenoven November 11, 2013
A way of calling someone selfish.
So are you gonna pay for us both, or are you gonna do Dutch?
by kazumakiryu November 29, 2012
a dutch master cigar filled with weed.
ima go smoke a dutch when i get outta work.
by espo85 July 01, 2005
Often confused with the German word "Deutsch."
Dutch is the language spoken in the Netherlands. Deutsch is the German word for their language.
by BrotherRulian July 26, 2008
People who live in Holland, Nederland in Dutch, the language spoken in Holland.
Some common misconceptions are that Dutch people are greedy, wear clogs all the time, smoke weed all the time and so on.
Dutch people are the tallest people in the world.
by HeinzD November 07, 2010

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