P.C. code to express the word douche in situations where saying the word douche is inappropriate.
Excuse me officer, by any chance are you a dutch? You really look like you would be a dutch.
by brett favor December 30, 2011
a dutch master cigar filled with weed.
ima go smoke a dutch when i get outta work.
by espo85 July 01, 2005
serious trouble; mess; deep shit
"You'd be in dutch if the manager weren't so laid-back."
by Damini December 28, 2014
(n). The absolute filthiest. Dutch do the filthiest things in every sector of society.
Man 1: "Did you see that girl Furkan was talking to?"

Man 2: "Yeah, Jose?"

Man 1: "Yeah her. She's so Dutch."

Man 2: "The filthiest!"
by Madara101 July 31, 2014
People who live in Holland, Nederland in Dutch, the language spoken in Holland.
Some common misconceptions are that Dutch people are greedy, wear clogs all the time, smoke weed all the time and so on.
Dutch people are the tallest people in the world.
by HeinzD November 07, 2010
A practice used by all dutch folk. Used in sexual and spiritual rites. To Dutch is to take a large pole between 4 and 10 ft. and proceed to place near the rectum then another Dutchmen will use a ceremonial Dutch paddle to pound in. The dutching rod as it is known will eventually appear in the throat. Only the dutch can survive the ordeal and usually enjoy it. The leader of these right, their spiritual leader, and their political leader is simply called The Dousberg, also known as The Bloody Dutchman.
How did they execute him
by Dutching, they said the Bloody Dutchman himself was their
Poor bastard
by High Prophet of Taran October 20, 2010
tall, hot, and blue eyed people that are originally from the netherlands or Holland, and every one is jealous of them.
that girls is so hot, she must be dutch!
are you dutch? because your tall, hot, and blue eyed!
by Aurora VonTwinklewinkle February 07, 2009
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