Someone who is only good at drinking, raging, raving, and partying. They go out harder than everyone else, always have more fun, but have no idea what happened. For them, everything else in life is secondary to dusting.
Hungover person 1: "Did you see Sean chug that bottle of Grey Goose last night, destroy the dance floor, and get kicked out of the club"

Hunover person 2: "Ya, what a duster"
by nojoesto January 01, 2012
A duster is a moustache. There are many types of dusters. They can be handsome, tight, well groomed, mean, greasy, tough or pretty much just what you feel about it.
Look at that guy's duster. It's pretty greasy. He must chase broads all over town with it.
by hank4040 January 16, 2009
Elderly, to be old, to have the traits of the elderly.
Check out that guy, what a total duster.
by JOPB August 12, 2010
A man, who sweeps women out from under the noses of their significant other. A duster can also be someone that mooches off others, especially women, then tires of them; moving on to another.
Did you hear that Shane stole that dudes girl? What a duster!
by Miss_Anthropy November 13, 2010
The stuff that is used normally for getting the dust out of the keyboard, but when it is inhaled you can get very high from it. You normally take 3 power hits.1st hit-sensation of dizzy or numbness, 2nd everything is slow and people talk like wooaahh and the 3rd hit you see a bunch of little squares. it is recommended to not do any more than 3 hits.
wow dude i tried duster the other day and it was crazy!!
by victoria March 03, 2005
A dusty vagina. One that hasn't been used in a while. Stinky.
OMGGG, it smells like a duster!
by Cobondacorn August 02, 2010
Duster, Dusty, Dust the definition of an annoying ass whole type person.. Also know as a "dick" or "fag"
Wow that kid is the biggest duster around
by Snigga69 December 15, 2010
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