I can honestly say...it's not a trenchcoat.
Person: I like your trench coat.
Me: Shut up. Its a duster.
by Kyle January 24, 2005
Plymouth Duster; a sporty, faster version of the previous Valiant, which was an economy car. The Duster was very popular and successful due to it's low price and performance. Despite being overshadowed, however, by Plymouth's more prominent vehicles: The 'Cuda and the Charger, the Duster was and is a contender due to it's low weight and engine choices.
Them other cars are nice but my Duster's got style.
by JDIII June 16, 2008
a.k.a mustache, a solid mustache with good length and volume, named for its ability to collect dust.
Dude, you see the duster olio grew for mustache-march?
by GGII November 20, 2008
A person that loafts around, doesn't do work, and just sits around and collects dust.

-She didn't go to college and doesn't have a job.
-What a f*cking duster....

by NGGGGGGGGG March 06, 2008
One who partakes of the drug PCP, also called angel dust.
Dusters are frightening people.
by Alan May 09, 2004
Nickname for a Helicopter. Named for the dust that is kicked up when it's on the ground.
"We've got wounded down here, where's that duster."
by QX1138 September 02, 2009
a busted ass person ..esp. one thatz dirty
"Why you fkn with that duster?"
by Ladii Dazz July 20, 2006
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