A duster is somebody who is worthless; a loser. Somebody who isn't good at anything.

Usually used by athletes to describe someone who is horrible or worthless at a sport. Usually the worst player on their team, and as a result all they do is sit around and collect dust, hence the term "duster".
Jake is such a duster. In gym class all he does is stand in the corner while we play dodge ball.
by MK0707 January 16, 2011
A resource well drilled for a perticular commodity such as oil, water, gas etc. that does not produce or find such a commodity or meet expectations. Its said to be a duster.
The exploration well turned out to be a duster
by onetonne December 06, 2012
someone who is garbage at everything with bad flow and no skills at any sports. (Brayden Oake)
oake is such a duster
by The Troll 1121123211234321 December 12, 2013
The paired male sex glands located in the scrotum. Also see Testis. It is possible the word originated in Australia.
“Babe I’ve just had a shave, check out my shiny dusters”
by amplexus August 18, 2006
Some one who sits the whole game and collects dust then comes out with 14 seconds left in the game
Woah look at Ricky and Ryan what benders there terrible they are complete dusters
by Luker masascher October 11, 2014
A player in hockey who sits the bench most of the season, the name is given to imply that the players equipment never gets used and it collects dust.
1: Fuck off duster! Go play for the Oilers.
2: Ok duster, give your gear to someone that actually is good.
by kiiid May 18, 2014
Someone that exhibits the qualities of a dusty person and is also very disgusting like a disguster.
Joaquin Corr is such a duster, he has no girl and might as well live in a manatee reserve.
by Steemaster June 17, 2012

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