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Pussy-whipped motherfucker
I asked my friend if he wanted to go out and hang tonight, but he said he couldn't because he had to help dye his girlfriend's hair! What a Wess!
by SapStar May 18, 2010
Slang for west. The opposite of eass. As spoken by Justin Timberlake.
Justin Timberlake might as well be black the way he pronounces wess and eass.
by piacwaki March 23, 2009
gay, homosexual male, unlikeable person, a failure
Raid Leader: Those being tombed will move to the usual spots for p2 and p3, clear?
All: kgo
Raid Leader: All right, buff up and we g2g.

Noob rushes infront and triggers Sindy HM.

Raid Leader: The fuck's wrong with you?
Noob: Not my fault, they said kgo.
Raid Leader: GTFO you Wess

Kicks Noob
by IR1337BRO November 23, 2010
Person, not necessarily named "Wess", though it is a name, who appears suddenly and for no apparent reason during musical presentations, math competitions, summer camps, ect.
"tell Wess to save me a seat"
by "Organized Mayhem!?!/111" June 15, 2004
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