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A suberb, 'soft' rock/pop/light new-wave group from the 80's. They are responsible for such hits like 'I Believe', 'Shout', and 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World', just to name a few. They're thoughtful, oftentimes introspective lyrics and (usually) talented singing and musical prowess helped set them at least a step above many of the bands in the 80's.
Easily one of the best 80's bands, whom just released a new album called Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.
by Pikachu's Best Guiness October 08, 2004
an 80s band who,as previously stated, contributed a lot of hits back in the day.

most notably now, however, was their song "mad world", covered by gary jules for the film donnie darko.
"i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad, the dreams in which im dying are the best ive ever had. i find it hard to tell you, cause i find it hard to take, when people run in circles its a very very... MADDD WORLDDDD." -taken from mad world, by tears for fears
by ghettostarchild June 19, 2007
From Arthur Janov's Primal Scream Theory which Roland Orzabal was a bit obsessed with.
Confronting fears with tears
by Vxster December 20, 2003
A New Wave band in the 80s. They have a new album called everybody loves a happy ending. They are the greatest band of all times, and if you thum this down you know that you are stupid and wrong. Believe me watch sexy Curt and neat Roland and you will never want to listin to another band again. We have always loved Tears For Fears and we always will, and every song we listin to by them, we love it!!!

Tears For Fears all the way!!!!
The best band ever is Tears For Fears!
by Shelby Ann December 30, 2007
To cry when you are scared.
Stop crying.......
by Rob Parker November 03, 2003
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