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White Trash Party

As made famous by Eminem
So let's have us a little bash
And if anyone asks
If there ain't no one but us trash
You dunno, you better akse somebody
Cuz we're havin' a White Trash Party (W.T.P.)!
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- June 09, 2010
Chief Information Officer
This person is responsible for all Information Technology Functions in the enterprise.
Steve: Whats your Job Title?
Bob: I'm the CIO of General Electric.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- August 17, 2009
The first air unit able to attack used by the Terran race in Starcraft. It looks like an fighter plane or jet. Many people mass Wraiths and try to destroy other peoples Main mineral and gas supply on fastest maps. They also have the ability to cloak.
Johnny: Dam those Wraiths just took out my main.
Steven: Pwned.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- July 31, 2009
When someone really "Likes" something on facebook (your status, a comment, etc.) that clicking the "Like" button just isn't enough. Instead, they comment and say "Like x1000"!
Kevin: just met Michael Jordan

Michael: Like x1000!
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- November 30, 2010
taking selfies with homeless dogs (mutts) in order to help them find new homes.
was made famous with the help of some celebrities and was featured on CNN
Ryan Gosling took a picture with a homeless retriever #muttbombing
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- February 27, 2014
An acronym standing for Marching Band. Used by people online when messaging people publically,such as MySpace or Facebook, to avoid the criticism or questioning of other people.
James: Hey Mike are you doing MB next year?
Mike: I can't, I'm joining the football team.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- August 04, 2009
A character used in the PC Video game Starcraft Brood War. Duran Appears in the first level of the Terran Campaign as a Ghost. His real name is Samir Duran but is referred to as just Duran. Later is infested by Kerrigan and manipulates the Terran race to destroying its own defenses. He is seen at the end of the game creating a race by morphing a a Zerg and a Protoss unit together.

There was rumors of Duran returning in Starcraft II with his own race but those rumors have been announced untrue.
Jim Raynor: I cant believe Duran got the best of us...
Kerrigan: It was all part of my master plan.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- July 31, 2009

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