When a girl is a whore, or in other words a cumdumpster. To be politically correct talking to your guy friends around a girl, instead of saying hoe, whore, slut, skank, just say dump.
"Wow look at her, she's such a dump."

"Damn nigga why your girl such a dump."

"That dress looks pretty dumpy."
by Johnathen Baker October 04, 2009
another name for taking a crap.
i take 3 dumps a day
by kevin5608 May 16, 2009
a woman with a big phat, round, firm, juicy booty.
"Damn, that bitch had a sick dump, skraight up!!!"
by COB PanchoVilla January 18, 2008
To take a shit. Usually in a toilet. Often results in feelings of relief and great happiness, similar to having an orgasm, eating a yummy meal, or smoking weed. Dumps can be broken down into 3 main catagories. The Pilchard: thin, small, or watery. Includes diarrhae. The Richard: average everyday dump. Uninteresting. The Shannon Arkell: Synonymous with big, huge, large, extra-large, XXL, XXXL, etc. Includes constipation, sometimes fatal. If one wanted to break down different dumps into farther, sub-catagories, one should check the shit list under the definition of shit.
5 year old boy: Mommy! I have to go take a DUMP!! NOOOW!! -cries in pain-
by IDoNotEatPantzz August 29, 2010
Thighs and buttocks that are above average in size and have a attractively round shape. Commonly used in the phrase "she's got dumps in the truck," meaning she has a big ass and thighs.
Person 1: Yo check out that chick right there...she gotta nice ass yo..
Person 2: Damn, that bitch got some dumps in the truck.
Person 3: Word
by Stunna April 14, 2003
a girl that will do anything, sexually with anyone. She gets dumped on by different people all the time and does not care.
I dont know why your'e trying to get on with her, she aint nothin but a dump!
Look at that dump!
by ms.ang October 18, 2007
To fire a gun, often without thinking
Former Indiana Pacers guard Stephen Jackson testified Monday that he fired shots in the air during a fight outside a strip club last year to try to break up the brawl.

Jackson, who now plays for the Golden State Warriors, testified that when he was walking from the club to his car, a man approached him shouting, "Go ahead and dump, dump!"

"Where I'm from, 'dump' means pull out your gun and shoot," he said.
by interested February 12, 2007

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