(noun) 1. One who wallows in their own laziness. Extreme unproductiveness, watching sportscenter 4 times in one morning. Being a dump commonly occurs after a long night or day of drinking. Characterized by throwing in lips, hangovers, sleeping in unnecessarily, napping, or general slothfulness.

(verb) 1. participating in the act of being a dump
Noun - "(Insert name) you're being a dump lets go watch the football game"

Verb - "Let's stop dumping around and get some McDonalds"
by KFout January 24, 2011
Short for dumpling. A dump is a needy, sweaty lump. They are very affectionate, loving and always make you feel special. Everyone has their own special dump assigned to them, the trick is finding yours. And I've found mine.

A dump isn't for Christmas, it's for life!
My dump really made me chuckle today!
by Pigaletto September 02, 2009
A term used in Coatesville PA for crack.
"Yo let me get some of that dump."
by KOmanofthehour December 11, 2008
A very tight, round, large ass.
When a girl walks in and she has a dump you yell ''DAMN, SHE GOTTA DUMP!!!''

Ray: look at that chick that just walked in!

Mike: dayum she gotta dump!
by dickinabutt May 24, 2010
A cinco product from the "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great job!" that combines the aspects of a deer and an umpire to create a robotic deer that acts as an umpire. D'ump is as quiet as a church mouse, and will make your trips to the woods more relaxing than other, loud umpires. plus, when D'ump smells a bear, it just turns off, warning your family and keeping them safe.

Tim - "I wanna play baseball, but I don't want to be an umpire. And that digital one is too noisy"

Eric - "We can use d'ump!"


Tim *hits ball*

D'ump *silence*

Eric *dumbfounded look*

D'ump *silence*

D'ump *silence*

Eric "Tim, A Bear is nearby!"
by CincoProducts April 16, 2009
large poop coming out of your butt see poop
Harry:whoa! I just took the biggest dump!

Bob:I really dont care...
by masterofthedump October 12, 2007
The word dump means a very large amount of human waste also hard to wipe ur backside once done, people who "dump" have usually eaten alot an overly normal amout people who have normally consumed far above their normal diet.
Ben: i had a dump
Harry: did u wipe ur arse properly
Ben: yeh it took ages
Harry: u fat bugger

Harry: what ya doin man?
Ben: im dumping on ya toilet.
Harry: oh no make sure ya clean ya ass
by Pierce B & Haz t January 26, 2007

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