To play video games

to be doing really good in a video game
"hey what are you doing"
"im dumping on that gears of war"

"hey lets go dump"

"i was dumping last night on some fools"
by dumpinslapinanddipin February 05, 2009
to take an illegal drug in the form of a pill.
Did you know Tom Houston dumped last night?
by Tom Krisenthal September 30, 2005
to whine about one's problems and let out many emotions to any unfortunate person who has to listen.
1. all of a sudden, she started dumping on me!
2. man i got dumped on hardcore lastnight
by B-Tight September 04, 2006
noun; to be someone who's annoying or stupid and annoying.
"my stepdad is such a DUMP!"
by sarahlol July 10, 2006
Slaming a car to the ground. Extremely lowered.

I like to ride my car dumped.
by Dc5-s August 10, 2006
What a marine tells you before sitting in a stall for half an hour looking at his porn. Most commonly found in the "motto stall".
Hey, tell the sarge I'm takin a dump.
by lcpl thorne May 08, 2006
a phat dump sack of chronic (20 bill)
i have 15 bones if u have 5 more we can pick up a dump
by Mr.Wicced August 27, 2006

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