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Bones is dirty cash,money
i have about 100 bones what u got on my sack nicca
by Mr.Wicced August 27, 2006
smoking crystal meth
hey fool! pass the twizurp U hogging that shit u lame
by Mr.Wicced August 27, 2006
group of male/female indiviuals typing madness or using voice chat to harrass or make fake threats,and the next day they will do it again if they see u again
Eh Marc did u see that YahGroupie again? Tell her to homie hop next time
by Mr.Wicced August 27, 2006
a phat dump sack of chronic (20 bill)
i have 15 bones if u have 5 more we can pick up a dump
by Mr.Wicced August 27, 2006
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