A population of attractive women in one place
"Where's the dump?"
"The dumps at Cue Club"


"Are there any hotties there?"
"It's dump Nation"
by Bdat February 08, 2010
a word to replace any noun
"I like listening to Lil Wayne. What kind of dump do you listen to?"

"Yo dawg, I'm mad hungry. I'm gonna go eat some dump."
by feces-attack105 April 19, 2009
In reference to a person - ADJ - This is someone who has a very trashy appearance. It can also be someone who is somewhat ugly or their facial features are asymmetrical.
How many girls there are dump?
She dump / She's dump.
by 90874235409872345 January 14, 2008
Synonomous with fecal matter
Who dumped on the floor?
by Da Masta AR May 11, 2005
when two people are fucking and the guy ejaculates inside of her. Term normally used when not using protection.
1)Omg dude you weren't using a condom and you dumped in her!!! WTF
2) Omg tessa i didnt even see it coming....he dumped inme....twice!!! WTF?
by sarahtessa January 10, 2009
Playing paintball is the act of make a run and shoot at close range an opponent behind an obstacle.
"I dumped him just when he was distracted making "a line", "Dump him! Dump him!"
by Nuno Tuna July 29, 2008
to shoot someone; kill someone
"You ain't down to dump when I dump, get from 'round me." -Juelz Santana (Dipset)
by Matt cK 908 September 02, 2006

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