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A shorthand term commonly used for the NBA franchise the Golden State Warriors. The name originated in the late 1990's and progressively became more popular as the fan base grew and became younger. It was originally coined due to the "W" in Warriors being pronounced as dub-a-you and it was shortened to simply dub for easier pronunciation.
Did you guys see the Dubs game last night?
The Dubs are looking good so far!
by biggi86 January 19, 2009
Wheels on a car at least 20 inches in diameter, from double-tens (i.e 20)
Rapper 1: Sup bredren, check the dubs on the caddy.
Rapper 2: Fuckin rite doggy. Lets escalade back to the hood.
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
Noun - usually a person that is really lame

Verb - to grind with the opposite sex
N. = Person 1 : Yo , Jenny broke up with Steven today

Person 2 : So what ? Steven was a dub anyway

V. = Jamie wants to dub with that guy over there
by Serena Swagga September 20, 2010
Dumb Ugly B!tch
Dude i can't believe you hooked up with that girl last night man, she was a total DUB.
by Standardize June 10, 2009
An amount of marijuana worth twenty dollars. Twenty being two tens, two tens being two dimes, and 'dub' being short for 'double' a dime.
Give me a dub. Lemme get a dub
by Dshit September 15, 2006
It means like you're whack or something is whack.

Shit dry, lame, corny, etc.
Yo nigga you a dub.

that's a dub!

This party is a dub!
by Jmilli May 28, 2012
When rappers record and after there verse they record the key words in there verse twice to make the words come out more
Yo Hurox and Swift are you gonna spit your dubs?
by Swift spits April 21, 2012