When rappers record and after there verse they record the key words in there verse twice to make the words come out more
Yo Hurox and Swift are you gonna spit your dubs?
by Swift spits April 21, 2012
marijuana of $20 worth. regs would be about 6.5 grams,and high grade would just be 1 gram
"yo u got $20? i'll go half-nd-half with u for a dub (2 grams) of some mean ass piff!"

"yo im about to cop a dub of sum regs."
"y?? u should jus buy a quarter then for $25"
by dat weedhead January 09, 2009
it means "20" as in rims or money.
That kid's mercerdes is sitting on dubs and he owes me a dub too.
by Panama_Kanal August 25, 2003
In tricking/parkour slang, it's an abbreviation for "double"

A dub is when someone does 720° (two rotations) coupled with a flip.
commonly used for corkscrews and backflips
Person: Did that guy just throw a dub?
Guthrie: Yeah. Those are so easy, lol.


Person: can you dub out of a cartwheel?
Person 2: not yet, but I have a great hyper!


Person: did you just see Guthrie dub dub dub dub???
Person 2: Yeah! It was fucking sick!
by Irrelephant November 02, 2013
Dick Under Belt System
When you hide your dick under your belt in times where arousal cannot be displayed
Yeh, I had to sport the DUBS
by castek September 07, 2010
Deep Under Blanket. Wrapping up in a warm blanket and staying indoors in cold weather snaps instead of going to the pub, cinema etc.
No way am I going outside, it's freezing. Nah mate I'm keepin' it DUB style tonight.
by Reddaz February 12, 2010
Pirate slang for doubloons
Eh, ye get ani dubs in da booty? .. yar?
by Coolmanjr Arr! January 04, 2009

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