Dumb Ugly Bitch
Tamera Brown is a Dub
by Bitch456987 May 26, 2010
Deep Under Blanket. Wrapping up in a warm blanket and staying indoors in cold weather snaps instead of going to the pub, cinema etc.
No way am I going outside, it's freezing. Nah mate I'm keepin' it DUB style tonight.
by Reddaz February 12, 2010
Pirate slang for doubloons
Eh, ye get ani dubs in da booty? .. yar?
by Coolmanjr Arr! January 04, 2009
In St. Louis Mo a dub is an eight (3.5 grams) of cannabis (marijuana). A half dub is a half eight (1.75 grams) of cannabis (marijuana).
Is the dub $50 or $60?

Lets go smoke a bowl, I just got a dub of some skunky ass chronic nuggets.
by 420 Freedom Fighter October 28, 2008

In England, refers to a Volkswagen.

VW - "Vee-dub" - Dub.

A modified VW, usually styled with small diameter, wide wheels, and heavily lowered.


Dubbed. Used to describe the way a car has been modified.


Dubber. A person that drives / modifies VW's in such a way.

"Check out the wheels on that Dub"

"Yeah that's sweet man."

"I cant wait to Dub my new Golf*"

*Golf - the most popular VW amongst enthusiasts / dubbers.
by cdsmith1990 September 06, 2008
a slang word for a 20 of cocaine like twenty inches dubs, there comes "dub"
yo let me get a "dub" of the candy!
by Ben Herrera March 07, 2008
twenty, 20, can be used describing money, rims, etc
"Ridin on Dubs" {meaning} riding on twenties inch rims

by PRiNcE$$ TRiNi July 27, 2006

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