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^ totally not what Drewish means.

Drewish: its a word pertaining to someone who gives up on life, and begins to document their life fading out of existance. I mean... i mean... all thats left is a bruise.
Dude...just start eating food, stop sleeping only 2 hours a night, and quit being so damn drewish!!
by Starz. March 06, 2006
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Wrought from a moment where you feel under pressure, one has been constricted in an environment of alienation and feels lonely. Every day is terrible,and moments thereafter are dull, irritating, and lack quality interaction with others. You cant be a super pimp, Counter Strike begins to mean nothing, and finally you realize everything is useless unless you can be home...where the heart is. <3
Today sucks, im emo...what a drewish day.
by uP.^ Tetsuya April 26, 2005
Andrew C. The tightest playa alive.
Originated in October of 83
{when someone is a playa but nowhere as close as Andrew C)

"hes kinda Drewish"
by Drew17 March 20, 2005
The state of being so old and uncool that you don't understand basic slang
He was so Drewish, he didn't even know what the word "felch" meant.
by E-roc September 21, 2005

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