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A country, state, city, town etc. where the majority are immigrants, legal or otherwise.
Pedro: Aren't you scared of getting caught by the federally?
Jose: Hell no! This is practically an alienation
by mijema April 17, 2009
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the way aliens feel
When a martian comes to earth, sever case of alienation
by dropthebeathughes September 28, 2010
slave drivers and mind controllers work together to warp someone so they can kill them and get their benefits in the end. Sometimes Nazi's and blue bloods catch these people and save the bistandard. Pushing someone meant for life beyond thier wellbeing into an unnatural punishment for no reason. To control small people and take them for granted and turn them into a different face so no one will know.
The alienation she had, Oh God look at her poor distressed clit and her skin turning like skunk. Now her teeth are not affixed.
by kudosverify October 24, 2009

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