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1. When an individual takes complete advantage in a way of a system or procedure that is not completely ethically or morally sound.
2. Over-using, depleting and exhausting free items and procedures that are designed to help people.
3. Tricking someone and taking their time or money and/or beating them at their own game.
4. Winning in the most immoral or dishonest way possible. (it may be against or in accordance with rules)
5. Screwing someone over in a hilarious way
6. A measurement of testorene or amusement.
1. He completely wroughted the system. (takes advantage of council payments when he works for cash on the side)
2. Lets go out and wrought cunts (lets go out and specifically wreak havoc - partying or recklessly)
3. Those wroughting bastards! (After they screwed us over good)
4. Crowd of boisterous men high on testoronemay yell these words: (Wroughting! Wroughting! Wroughting!)
5. Those wroughting fucks
6. Those wroughters
by Luke (a.k.a Lucas P Lukey boy) February 24, 2014
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