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A female douchebag. A woman who exhibits characteristics of a douchebag.
Just look at her pompous gait... what a douchebaguette!
by Edgar Spelling April 16, 2008
The female of the douchebag species.

The female is noted for her giant sunglasses, fake tan, and penchant for designer items.
Watch out, here come some guys with popped collars with douchebaguettes on their arms!
by JTBastard August 11, 2007
A French douchebag.
- I was in Paris the other day and this guy tried to kiss me, out of nowhere
- Really?
- Yeah I swear! A total douchebaguette.
by one_french_douchebag_in_ny May 02, 2010
a female version of a douche bag
"Geesh, I can't believe she fucked you over like that! What a douche baguette!
by Loreinski April 11, 2009
The female version of a douche bag! They usually travel in packs and are known to be attracted to their counter part, the douche bag. They tend to hang out at the same venues on a weekly basis. They are known to take several pictures while at the same venue, so they can post them on Facebook and talk about how great it was this week! They like to brag and love attention no matter good or bad, they will take it.
The female cast of the Jersey Shore.. People of an ethnic community, that attend the same venue's on a weekly basis. If somebody considers you a female douche bag then you're a DOUCHE BAGUETTE!
by HUSAT January 09, 2011
The female version of a douche bag. This female has an overrated sense of self worth, with low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of others; like being loud, dancing nasty, wearing Ed Hardy shirts with matching Ed Hardy glitter hats, has overflowing make up, tons of mascara on her eye lashes and makes the pouting face with downward peace sign with her hand every time she takes a picture.
The girl with her Ed Hardy outfit and pouting poses in photos can win the tag of the Douche Baguette. She thinks she owns the place.
by sunny936 February 08, 2010
A term usually applied to a female individual who have a strong tendency to display outbursts of misdirected anger and frustrations. These outbursts are generally observed in a public environment where they attempt to attract attention by using any means necessary; these include, but are not limited to, selfish comments, dimwitted remarks, offensive and/or derogatory observations , and most commonly interject in conversations or situations where they have absolutely no understanding or interest in.
Y : We were just relaxing on the couch sipping on a cool beer when a random girl came in telling us that beer makes people dumb AND stupid....

S : What a douchebaguette!
by Snajj December 07, 2009