A term usually applied to a female individual who have a strong tendency to display outbursts of misdirected anger and frustrations. These outbursts are generally observed in a public environment where they attempt to attract attention by using any means necessary; these include, but are not limited to, selfish comments, dimwitted remarks, offensive and/or derogatory observations , and most commonly interject in conversations or situations where they have absolutely no understanding or interest in.
Y : We were just relaxing on the couch sipping on a cool beer when a random girl came in telling us that beer makes people dumb AND stupid....

S : What a douchebaguette!
by Snajj December 07, 2009
n. female douche bag.
The girl running the register was incredibly rude. What a douchebaguette.
by Susan of English October 24, 2010
Not to be confused with a douchebagette, a douchebaguette is simply a French douchebag.
Person 1: Look at that dude smoking his cigarettes while pontificating about Sartre and holding his Louis Vuitton bag.

Person 2: Yeah what an asshole.

Person 1: No, he's not an asshole, he's a douchebaguette.
by maxapo August 30, 2011
The female equivalent of Douche Bag.
Girl: Go with that Douche Baguette, you two are perfect for each other.
by Steve Stephalonavich February 17, 2013
Dude 1 - Remember that awards show in the 80s where Madonna was smoking, unnaturally, on cue with her girls?

Dude 2 - I do. What a pseudo-cool douche baguette.

Dude 1 - Word.
by pinpollo August 13, 2011
The annoying and all to prolific children of douche bags.
Friend 1: "Jesus, I wish that kid would shut the fuck up so that we can enjoy our brunch."

Friend 2: "Yeah, his mother is on her phone just ignoring him."

Friend 1: "What a little douche baguette!"

Friend 2: "Excuse me!?! Do you have any Grey Poupon???"
by warmbrother May 27, 2014
A person of French or French Canadian descent who, while slumming in another part of the world, will constantly tell you how much better, cleaner, more sophisticated or civilized their country of origin is. Often insists on using undecipherable colloquial terms to the point of justifiable homicide. ex-calling napkins serviettes.
Jean-Luc orders Molson beer at every bar we go to then gives the server an attitude when they don't have it. He's a douche baguette of Alan Thicke proportions.
canucks frogs
by Haute Pepper September 14, 2011

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