A dork is someone who farts in the bathtub and watches the bubbles come up.
Oh gross! What a dork! Get out of here!
by bjork March 03, 2005
(n) is the politically correct term for a person(s) who revise up definitions for the word dork
I saw a dork's definition for dork on that website
by Bandit November 27, 2003
anyone alienated from society for being an individual,i.e., derrogatory term used to describe someone or anyone who uses the term " i.e, "
I am a dork, i.e., not afraid to be myself no matter what anyone thinks. Plus I'm 6'2" 225 and can kick your ass!
by Christian June 25, 2003
A word only used by dorks. Used as a general insult, or sometimes as an incorrect synonym for nerd or geek
"Haha, that dork still says dork. What a dork... Why are you looking at me like that??"
by IkeM October 11, 2003
Slang: an awesome person that is unbelievably awesome and be only be described as "Awesome".
Wow you're such a dork, but in a totally good way. In such a way, that completely complements your looks and attitude. You should be happy that I called you that.
by Mr. Prof. Dr. September 05, 2011
1. Someone who does silly things, but the things they do are usually stupid, funny, or cute.
2. A whale's penis.
Dork (11:11:11 PM): OMG!! its 111111!!!
Person (11:11:19 PM): Haha. You dork. :]

I'm not going to make an example for this one...=b
by chyo name October 07, 2007
a person who is stupid, mean, or just kind of geeky. it has many meanings, and it, like, changes definition where and when you use it.
see geek
1) You're such a dork. Go annoy someone else.
2) Stop being mean too me! You're such a freaking dork!
3) me to garrett: you've never read harry potter? you're such a dork!
brad: hes the only one here who HASN'T read harry potter, and you're calling him a dork?? (we're all a bunch of geeks)
by allie April 20, 2004

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