The act of masturbating during a natural disaster.
Instead of panicking during the earthquake, Billy just disasterbated.
by aarby March 06, 2010
being caught in the act of masterbation.
I was total disasterbation when my parents walked in.
by Vivenz November 26, 2003
To cause a ridiculous number of tragedies and disasters to oneself including burning bridges, self mutilation, drug use, etc. with the climax usually being attempted suicide. Often happens at the pinnacle of depression or a bipolar low.
He's burned all his bridges, lost all his friends, and now he's addicted to heroin? Well now he's just disasterbating.

My life can't get any worse. I'm just going to disasterbate.
by Bryce Hilyard October 23, 2006
When a hurricane or earthquake hits, death is near, but the opposite sex is far away.
Katrina is cumming. Perfect time to disasterbate.
by TChewy July 16, 2010
combination of disaster and masterbate.
1.verb - (getting off on) mindless pointless destruction.
Mailbox baseball - disasterbation.
Rocks through windows - disasterbation.
High-foaming dishsoap in the fountatin - disasterbation (and priceless!)
by panic December 16, 2004
Verb, To Disasterbate

to disasterbate is to attempt to jerk off and cum one last time before you die in a disaster.
Example #1 - Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we have tried everything but it turns out that the plane is going to crash into the mountains.
Passenger: Oh Shit! Guess I'll Disasterbate before i die *fap fap fap fap...*

Example #2 - Jerking off on december 20th 2012 at 11:55 PM
by Jouniah January 09, 2011
To imagine/dream of disasters
I sat disasterbating over a near by volcano
by John Greve June 22, 2005

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