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An irrational exhilaration and enjoyment while experiencing the effects of a natural disaster or other destructive scenario.
All these rich white folk driving around the 9th Ward in luxury coaches to go see Brad Pitt pretending to help New Orleans, it's just Yankee disasterbation.
by Cidney January 04, 2008
A peculiar sexual fetish known primarily among the Web 2.0 generation of perverts. Exhibitionist male self-photographers ejaculate onto pictures, or sometimes onto other objects, which directly reference (e.g. depict, name, imply) another web user, often a concomitant voyeur of either sex.
Please cum tribute my pic! You have a fat cock!
by Cidney January 04, 2008
See: beer bust
Dad, your beer bust is a beer blast now.
by CIDNEY December 08, 2013

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